"These jackets are too thick." - Perv Jong Suk 


You know what I mean?

Recently, there are too much anti-fans have spoken. They hate Shin Hye and hope she wont get that role. Man, I hope that Suk wont either.

But, you have to be fair, Hye and Suk dont do anything to be hate for nothing like that. I want they get the role, because Pinocchio seems interesting drama. And look!!! they’re trully look great together.

I want to see them as a couple reporter on this drama =))) let’s pray ~~

if someone ask me why I like YongHwa and I’ve ship ShinHye and Yong Hwa together though.

I will answer that no fake smiling between them.

Hwa is a kind person, sweet and gentlement, I think. 

His emotion, his feeling (special excitement) it’s quite easy to see it.

Important, he’s shy man, very shy and when he’s with Shin Hye, his feeling is so true and I can see happy smile again.

Maybe Hwa and Hye will be not together but I still happy because of this couple - my first ship =))))