if someone ask me why I like YongHwa and I’ve ship ShinHye and Yong Hwa together though.

I will answer that no fake smiling between them.

Hwa is a kind person, sweet and gentlement, I think. 

His emotion, his feeling (special excitement) it’s quite easy to see it.

Important, he’s shy man, very shy and when he’s with Shin Hye, his feeling is so true and I can see happy smile again.

Maybe Hwa and Hye will be not together but I still happy because of this couple - my first ship =)))) 

sooooo in love with this MV from Shin Hye

the melodies is great, so fresh and easy to remember.

and the vid is very beautiful. I love her style in here

and the most, story is great.~~

Shin Hye fighting~~ you did a good job…. her brother~~ male actor and Jung Hyung ~~~~~

all of you make my day better ~~~